Enduring Dreamers™: Freya Is Now Available


It’s time to start jumping… and gliding!

HÖGANÄS, SWEDEN—December 19, 2022Enduring Dreamers™: Freya is a platformer video game developed and published by Ahmad Wehbe that is finally—after at least a year of development—available on Steam for players to jump around in.

Players will have access to the game’s first arcade mode: an endless side-scroller where players have to jump, glide, and dodge various obstacles, all while gathering Dreamcoins and saving reindeer (the game’s powerups)—this allows players to accumulate Dreampoints and the more Dreampoints players collect the more difficult the game becomes.

Each stage triggers a color palette change and an increase in scrolling speed, making the violent storm chasing the player a real threat—and the many obstacles a real nuisance! The game’s arcade mode is released with up to 24 randomly chosen, unique levels, that the player has to memorize and master.


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About Enduring Dreamers™: Freya

Freya is a series in the Enduring Dreamers™ franchise telling the story of a youngster from Svalbard named Freya and her many journeys, struggles, and successes as she sets out to solve the mystery behind the chaos that is plaguing the world. Freya will make her debut in the first title of the series—Enduring Dreamers™: Freya—a side-scrolling platformer video game scheduled for release December, 2022. To learn more please visit https://ahmadwehbe.com/enduring-dreamers/freya/

About Enduring Dreamers™

The Enduring Dreamers™ is an original franchise by Ahmad Wehbe that follows the journey of a couple of youngsters from different corners of the world whose towns have suddenly been struck by strange happenings. Leaving their nurturing warm home quickly throws them into a reality that leads them towards a better understanding of themselves and their place in the world—bringing them closer to unveiling the source behind the sudden chaos. To learn more please visit https://ahmadwehbe.com/enduring-dreamers/

About Ahmad Wehbe

Author Ahmad Wehbe is a creative artist whose goal is to create characters, worlds and experiences that inspires, fascinates and leads people towards growth—be it a novel, a painting or a video-game—pursuing the idea to manifest it fully rather than bending the idea to satisfy the masses. Some of his works are the art project Emotionalism consisting of 51 abstract paintings, the short story The Man Who Lost His Sun Twice, and most recently the upcoming video game Enduring Dreamers: Freya™. To learn more please visit https://ahmadwehbe.com/about/

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