About Ahmad Wehbe

Who am I?

My name is Ahmad Wehbe and I am a Lebanese creative artist currently residing in Sweden. I use different types of mediums to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories, I love art that leaves you speechless, or the immersion of a video game that tests you physically and mentally, or how a novel can leave you with words of wisdom that lifts you up in your own life’s journey. My work focuses heavily on discovery, the exploration of life, and the human condition.

My philosophy is to create experiences

Entertainment for the sake of entertainment has no value to me, hopefully there are a lot of people out there who feel the same. I believe entertainment should have a purpose, such as to create life-long memories, inspire, or make us think, whether the medium is a novel, film or a video game. It might not always be an easy goal to achieve, but at least it is something to aim for and use as a guide when judging the quality of the end product.

Free and independent expression

It is sad to see so many brands – that you once respected – suddenly follow trends, or become political tools and echo-chambers for harmful ideologies. But there is always light after darkness, and the bright side, as I see it – is that there is now a vacuum in the entertainment industry waiting to be filled by indie creatives. With that said, my mission is to walk my own path and create products that hopefully will be loved by many.



Digital products bought directly from my website are DRM-free. This means once you download the file you’ll be able to have access to it without being forced to be connected to the Internet. However, if, for example a video game has certain online functionality, such as online play, then you would need to be connected to the Internet to access that part of the video game.


It is important to me that customers and fans feel they can form their own communities with like-minded people. I don’t support having a one big community that is controlled by a business, which then slowly develops a culture over time that makes people feel out of place or not welcomed.

Content Rating

I use my own content rating system based on the actual content itself and not on age (currently under development). I believe it is up to each individual to decide for themselves what content they want to consume, and let’s face it, an age rating doesn’t really say much. Age rating will instead be used to indicate the comprehension difficulty of the content and which age group it was made for.

Content Sharing

Some digital products come with a unique and generous end user license agreement (EULA) which allows the customer to share the product with family and friends – within certain limits of course. However, this only applies to purchases made directly from this website and not for purchases made on third-party marketplaces.

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Thank you!

I wish to thank everyone whose support helps me pursue my passion.

Peace and GOD bless!