Ahmad Wehbe uses various mediums to express emotions, thoughts and to tell stories. His work focuses heavily on discovery, the exploration of life, and the human condition.

My philosophy is to create experiences

Entertainment for the sake of entertainment is a waste of everybody’s time. Instead entertainment should have a purpose, such as to create life-long memories, inspire, or make us think.

Free and independent expression

As others follow trends or become political tools and echo-chambers for harmful ideologies – Wehbe chooses to walk his own path with the aim of becoming a leader in the entertainment industry.

Community and DRM-free

DRM-free is part of his decision to allow his customers and fans the freedom to join or form their own communities without being forced to follow any community just to access their content. This is his way of combating against the practice where others create hive-mind-like communities and punish their customers and fans who don’t conform to their own way of thinking.*

Content rating and content sharing

Wehbe uses his own content rating system based on the actual content itself and not on age (currently under development). He also offers a unique and generous end user license agreement (EULA) for most of his digital products which allows customers and fans to share content with family and friends – within certain limits of course.*

* This only applies to digital content purchased directly from ahmadwehbe.com, it does not apply to third-party marketplaces!


Current Project

Medium: Novel
Genre: Literary Fiction
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I wish to thank everybody whose support helps me keep doing what I love.

Peace & GOD bless!