Release date late 2022

Freya wants to save as many reindeers as she can, but the world is a big place so she will need all the help she can get!

Will you help Freya achieve her dreams?


  • Endless side-scrolling
  • Collect Dreamcoins to improve your score
  • Rescue frozen reindeers
  • Unlock improved gear


  • Running
  • Jumping
  • Throw snowballs at penguins… what more do you need?



“Something strange is happening in the world, but nobody in the village knows what it is. All the animals are acting strange, it is as if the animals are feeling lost. The reindeers have fled too far away from their natural habitat, which made it difficult for them to find food and keep themselves warm, so they froze in place because of the extreme cold. The adults said somebody will take care of it and that “everything is going to be alright”, but I’m not blind, someone has to save them NOW!” – Freya

Freya is the first series in the Enduring Dreamers™ franchise by Ahmad Wehbe. In this first title of the Freya series (Enduring Dreamers: Freya) you will be helping a youngster from Svalbard named Freya overcome both natural and unnatural obstacles as she sets out on her first journey. The game world is inspired by the real world but with elements of fantasy and a fictional timeline and imaginary events.