Announcing New Entertainment Franchise by Ahmad Wehbe—FORTIFIED DARKNESS™


FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ is the second video game franchise by the author Ahmad Wehbe

HÖGANÄS, SWEDEN—MAY 2, 2022—The FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ franchise takes place in a world where an ancient evil has manifested itself through a secret cult of worshipers. Players will explore the world through the adventures of accidental heroes; be they detectives, librarians, or the curious who find themselves at the wrong place and time.

The stories told are not limited to any specific era and can span anywhere from year 1000 BC or year 3000 AD. Each series in the franchise will have its own theme and each title in a series will have its own unique story. “I’ve always wanted to make horror games, but I didn’t know where to start, there are so many things I want to try out. So I decided to come up with a world that would allow me to experiment with various themes yet have it all make sense and feel connected.” said Ahmad Wehbe, the author behind the creation of the FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ franchise and the Enduring Dreamers™ franchise.

The FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ franchise is divided into different series called branches which represents a common theme for each series, the first branch—The Branch of Tradition—in development is Soil of Canaan™, where the theme will be about exploring cultural buildings such as castles, palaces, and other similar structures and uncover a secret cult’s unholy traditions. The development of the first title in the Soil of Canaan™ series will be recorded and shared as video Devlogs for anyone interested to watch.


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About Soil of Canaan™

Soil of Canaan™ is a series in the FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ franchise—representing The Tradition Branch—in this series players explore castles, palaces and other similar buildings—discovering secrets and traces about the origin of the secret cult and its early attempts at summoning evil into the world. To learn more please visit


FORTIFIED DARKNESS™ is an original franchise by Ahmad Wehbe that is about fighting against an ancient evil that has infested the world through a cult using various branches: The Architects Branch, The Scientific Branch, The Recruitment Branch, and finally The Tradition Branch which will also be the first series in the franchise titled Soil of Canaan™. To learn more please visit

About Ahmad Wehbe

Author Ahmad Wehbe is a creative artist whose goal is to create characters, worlds and experiences that inspires, fascinates and leads people towards growth—be it a novel, a painting or a video-game—pursuing the idea to manifest it fully rather than bending the idea to satisfy the masses. Some of his works are the art project Emotionalism consisting of 51 abstract paintings, the short story The Man Who Lost His Sun Twice, and most recently the upcoming video game Enduring Dreamers: Freya™. To learn more please visit

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