Caveman vs Cave Update 2021-12-15 Introduces the first attack mechanic to the game


The free–to–play web game CAVEMAN VS CAVE has received it’s first attack ability—our afro–big-nosed hero can now throw stones at enemies.

HÖGANÄS, SWEDEN—December 15, 2021Caveman vs Cave update 2021-12-15, the latest update for the free–to–play browser game by the author Ahmad Wehbe, is now available to be played. The update includes the very first attack mechanic in the game since it’s initial release. Also, another first is a golem–like–enemy character. Players will now be able to throw stones at enemies—and obstacles—to clear their path, and likewise, enemies can block the player’s path and even barrage the player with bigger stones. The design is still rudimental—as is everything else at this time of development—but never underestimate someone who can throw bigger stones than you!

In this new update, players will have to use this newly added attack ability in combination with already existing game mechanics, such as the balancing of the forward and backward tilt of the player character, which decides the direction of the projecting stones. Hitting the enemy with enough stones will trigger the enemy into going berserk before they are vanquished. A berserking enemy will have an substantially increased attack speed which will quickly overwhelm the player with big stones that must be dodged or destroyed. Players have to think twice if a path is worth taking, or if they should rather avoid the enemy completely by seeking out a different path.

The attack ability is part of the player’s basic toolset and doesn’t require any prerequisites to obtain, it is the first of many upcoming game mechanics that will slowly be introduced to the game over the course of the game’s development. “The game will see many changes, some experimental that might be removed later—while others become a permanent part of the game’s identity. The most important aspects of the game right now is the technical side of things, the code, web security, performance, and a whole bunch of other behind–the–scenes that makes a HTML5 game actually work.” said Ahmad Wehbe, the author and developer behind the game.

The game can be played using most modern web browsers at, there is no sign-up required, all you need is to push the play button to start throwing stones.


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About Caveman vs Cave

Caveman vs Cave is a free–to–play side-scroller web based video-game that tries to mimic the simplistic style of classic platformer games. Players play as the main character—a caveman who is stuck underground and thus has to clear as many dungeons as possible to find his way out. Currently there are three unique levels, simple physics–based movement, one attack ability and one enemy type—with plans for much more to come as the game develops. To learn more please visit

About Ahmad Wehbe

Author Ahmad Wehbe is a creative artist whose goal is to create characters, worlds and experiences that inspires, fascinates and leads people towards growth—be it a novel, a painting or a video-game—pursuing the idea to manifest it fully rather than bending the idea to satisfy the masses. Some of his works are the art project Emotionalism consisting of 51 abstract paintings, the short story The Man Who Lost His Sun Twice, and most recently the upcoming video game Enduring Dreamers: Freya™. To learn more please visit

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