Frequently Asked Questions

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How is “Ahmad Wehbe” pronounced?

Where are you from?


Please read the “About” page, it will fill you in on many questions that you might have:


Are you looking to hire?

Not at the this moment. But you are more than welcome to send a link to your public portfolio the following positions: Concept Artist, Illustrator, 3D Artist. I will contact you if I believe you’re the right person for a project (no promises).

Copyright & IP

My name is also Ahmad Wehbe, are you gonna sue me?

Heck no!

The more Ahmad Wehbes there are in the world the merrier!

I am not claiming the name Ahmad Wehbe itself, the name is only part of my branding.

Please see the following page to better understand what my brand is:

It’s the Logotype logo combined with my name that I am claiming:

So as long as you don’t use my logotype and try to impersonate me then you got nothing to worry about.

Can I make a product suggestion?

Why are unsolicited product ideas deleted?

This restriction is common in many industries. It is to protect the author, brand, company, against anyone claiming that the company stole their idea, or that it was thanks to your efforts that X idea exists and thus feel you deserve a compensation.

Can I use images, screenshots, animations, videos, text, sound, or music on my own web page?


Can I publish updates, patches, new versions of your products online for download?


Can I translate your products and/or website into another language?


Can I modify or create addons for your products?


Can I remake your product into another medium, i.e. turn your novel into a manga? Or game into a novel?


Can I create sequels to your products?


Can I create or distribute hacks, cheats, bots, scripts, or trainers for your products?


Can I make and sell my own products based on your products? Like using your characters to create a T-shirt?