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User Comments
All comments must adhere to our Code of Conduct and Termination section.

Product Reviews
All product reviews must be about the product itself and not about the store, shipment, customer service, or anything else that is not about the product itself, all irrelevant reviews will be deleted. Harassing us and/or trying to make us look bad without a legitimate reason will lead to the termination of your account as described in the Code of Conduct and Termination section section.

Spoilers, Screenshots, Video and Streaming
You may not spoil, share screenshots, upload videos, or stream content from story-driven products to the public. This restriction applies to all novels, visual novels/manga (not comic strips), audio books and some games (some games are not restricted or are semi-restricted, check the game’s EULA or in-game info).

Fan-Fiction, Fan-Art and other Fan Made Creations
Fan made creations may not be commercialized in any way possible by you or any third-party.
You may only create content based on what we have already made public. For example, if we release a game with various characters on the cover, then you may create fan-content based on the details given on the cover. If, for example, one of the characters is holding a sword with a specific design on the cover, but obtains a new weapon later in the game’s storyline, then you may only create fan-content based on the weapon design on the cover. This applies to all products that are story-driven as mentioned under “Spoilers, Screenshots, Video and Streaming”.

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