Enduring Dreamers: Freya Development Roadmap

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This roadmap will be updated with time to better reflect any changes for my plans for the game.

Mars to April, 2022

Add more obstacles and enemies, some ideas are:

  • Big polar bears (randomly spawned)
  • Destructible ice blocks (to replace some penguins and terrain blocks)

May to July, 2022

Music and sound design!

As you might have noticed from the trailer – there is no music! This must be remedied immediately (i.e. in due time).

August, 2022

Menu interface and in-game UI.

September, 2022

Add in-game achievements.

October, 2022

Final tuning and polishing of various game elements.

November, 2022

Port game to steam, final testing and marketing.

December, 2022

Release the game.

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