Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Upcoming Updates! (2021-12-21)

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There are still many things missing from Wehbe’s Endless Platformer, the development is ongoing! Here are the most current updates and features you can look forward to in the next patch.


The size of the projectiles will be reduced back to their original size. The current size of the projectiles is due to the hotfix that was applied on 2021-12-15. You can read more about it here: https://ahmadwehbe.com/wehbes-endless-platformer/wehbes-endless-platformer-patch-notes-2021-12-15-hotfix/

Character Movement

The current character movement is too slow and needs re-adjusting. The current movement was designed before the attack feature was implemented, and therefore needs to be balanced with new features in mind… or perhaps implement a skill tree that allows the player to upgrade movement speed and attack speed? Time will tell 🙂

Attack Speed

The current attack speed is way too fast allowing the player to spam the scene with stones! Some sort of restriction needs to be implemented that creates the feeling of urgency when attacking, to force the player into planning their attacks instead of just spam-attack themselves towards victory!


Mobile users are experiencing a huge performance hit once there are dozen enemy projectiles visible on the screen. This is currently an issue with the game engine, however, there are some tweaks available to reduce the impact projectiles have on performance. It has yet to be seen if these tweaks will really solve the issue, no promises!

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