Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Patch Notes 2022-05-29

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This patch sees many improvements that will hopefully increase performance.

  • Reduced geometry for Player character. (Down from 130 000 vertices to 9000 vertices).
  • Reduced geometry for enemy Golem character. (Down from 60 000 vertices to 2000 vertices).
  • Reduced geometry for each level. (Down from 30 000 vertices to 24 000 vertices).


Many quality of life changes and bug fixes for players using gamepads have finally been applied.

  • The entire menu is now fully compatible and easy to navigate using a gamepad, including scrolling text boxes such as the EULA section.
  • Implemented toggle-effects to indicate whether a setting is ON or OFF.

Full details are available in the development log: https://ahmadwehbe.com/wehbes-endless-platformer/wehbes-endless-platformer-devlog-may-2022/

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