Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Patch Notes 2021-11-15

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Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Patch Notes 2021-11-15


  • Added notes section in the options menu.
  • Included details about third-party assets, links and copyright notices in the credits section.
  • Updated the EULA.


  • Replaced the simple capsule “character” with even more capsules and colors to make the character look more interesting.
  • Gave the character a colored outline using a third-party shader.


  • Added jump sound.


  • Added a delete functionality to the level spawn system that deletes old levels. Not 100% bug free, there is a small chance current active level gets deleted, “pulling the rug” beneath the player. No idea how to fix. Might be because of GDscript’s processing speed? 🙁

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