PenFroth™ is a free-to-use software that helps authors write and organize their projects.

PenFroth™ is made up of various tools that are each located in their own tab, the video below shows the WRITING tab where you can create and write your story.

Currently only four out of nine tabs are functional, these are:

  • Overview – set book cover, title, author, blurb, and status.
  • WRITING – create and write your chapters / scenes.
  • Proofer – switches to a read only view and changes the color of the paper and text to show how your words might look like on paper.
  • Export – lets you export your book’s text to various text formats; docx, odt, html, txt.

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Some background information about PenFroth™:

I’ve been struggling to find a good writing tool for my novels, I tried out a handful and discovered that they are designed according to the logic and writing process of the person designing the program, i.e. their personal method for writing novels. I tried my best but I just couldn’t find one that really “clicked” with me.

So I decided to make my own writing software for my novels that matches my approach to writing novels.

PenFroth™ is a proprietary software that is fully developed and owned by me. And I am only making it available as free-to-use because I understand the struggle when you got a world of wonders to share but can’t afford the pen and paper to write it down.

Another reason for why I am making it available as free-to-use is because I had a vision a couple of days ago (2022-07-02 as of writing)—I saw a big family where the parents and their children used PenFroth™ on their home computer to write books together as a family activity, and I felt an overwhelming joy about the thought of being part of bringing families together like that. So my dream goal for PenFroth™ is to one day see it installed and used by millions of families around the globe. And for this vision to come true PenFroth™ must always remain free-to-use forever.

Of course the road to reach that goal is long, but nothing is impossible with GOD’s support.

As for how I will be able to fund its development, I have two choices:

First option is to split PenFroth™ up into a free and a paid version for the sake of securing enough funding to keep developing PenFroth™ and maintained far into the future.

Or, the second option is to create some sort of a funding-campaign for each tool that needs to be developed, I personally would prefer this option because it means there will only be a one single version of PenFroth™ that is free-to-use for everybody without any features hidden behind a pay-wall. This would be the most true idealistically for what my goals are for PenFroth™.

However, I will start thinking about these things after releasing alpha 0.4, it is only for alpha 0.5 and onwards that I will have to start thinking about funding.

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