Wehbe’s Endless Platformer HOTFIX 2021-12-15


Wehbe’s Endless Platformer HOTFIX 2021-12-15

A quick patch to fix a couple of bugs that were discovered after the last update.

Projectiles (stones) were not being rendered correctly on mobile devices. The collisions were working however the geometry was not being rendered, making the player shoot invisible projectiles and being pushed by invisible enemy projectiles.

This issue has now been fixed.

You can find the full patch notes here: https://ahmadwehbe.com/journals/wehbes-endless-platformer-patch-notes-2021-12-15-hotfix/

Wehbe’s Endless Platformer is a platformer game where you have to use your skills to clear levels by jumping and throwing rocks at anyone who dares stand in your way. Beware of afro and big-nose physics that might get the best of you!

It is currently in development and can be played for free at the following link: https://ahmadwehbe.com/games/wehbes-endless-platformer/

You may also want to check out it’s development journal to follow its progress: https://ahmadwehbe.com/journals/current-projects/wehbes-endless-platformer-journal/