Website Maintenance Report Nov/Dec


Website Maintenance Report Nov/Dec

Many technical enhancements and design changes were made during the period between late November and early December.

A major update has been applied to the website. As mentioned in a previous post- the menu and footer of the website has been redesigned, but other areas of the website have been completely overhauled as well.

To be able to make those changes a lot of the existing code had to be rewritten to create a much cleaner work environment for future web development.

  • Here is a list of some of the changes that were made to the website:
    • The Menu should be much cleaner and easier to navigate.
    • The Footer is now much more useful.
    • Newsletter sign-up was added to the footer to make it available throughout the entire website.
    • Removed the “Sign up to Newsletter” section from all posts.
    • Added a News/Articles section to make it easier to sort and find posts by category.
    • Added a “Latest” section to the front page to show latest posts from multiple categories.
    • Revamped the breadcrumbs on all posts in the Artwork & Design catalog (around 200 pages).
    • Changed root text size to 19px for better readability, and rewrote all CSS code to follow modern solutions for the sake of accessibility and making the website more fluid and mobile friendly.
    • Created different templates/guidelines for different types of posts using the new – more fluid – styling.
    • Reformatted all posts to follow the new guidelines, this made the website feel much more cohesive and look better overall.