Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Patch Notes 2021-11-16

Patch notes

Wehbe’s Endless Platformer Patch Notes 2021-11-16

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  • Remapped input to physical keys.
  • Interface can now be navigated using the WASD keys.

Wehbe’s Endless Platformer is a platformer game where you have to use your skills to clear levels by jumping and throwing rocks at anyone who dares stand in your way. Beware of afro and big-nose physics that might get the best of you!

It is currently in development and can be played for free at the following link: https://ahmadwehbe.com/games/wehbes-endless-platformer/

You may also want to check out it’s development journal to follow its progress: https://ahmadwehbe.com/journals/current-projects/wehbes-endless-platformer-journal/