Evil Has No Merit


Dear God,

I realized something today.

Evil will always complain about the things you do.

And this extends to your servants.

For example, when you command someone to do good. Evil will oppose it and try its best to discourage your servants from carrying out your commands.

And it’s always done in a sneaky way, repeatedly to slowly wear down your servants, weaken them, instill fear–all just to discourage or stop your servants from carrying out your commands.

Today you inspired me with this fact, that evil will always complain about the things you do.

So who am I to care if people complain about the things I do?

Compared to you I am nothing.

And evil complains about the things YOU do, my Lord.

So, it made me realize something.

What merit does evil have if it complains about you, my Lord?

I mean, what merit is left in their possession?

If merit was a piece of bread, and evil throws it into the ocean, in an attempt to argue against the ocean, how much bread, or merit remains in the hands of evil?

My Lord, clearly you are the wisest, and no matter how much I thank you, I become strained and exhausted, and when I look at how much I need to thank you, I shrink as the road in front me extends endlessly, far beyond my capacity–but I dare not stop walking.

It is strange how, after you inspired me with this wisdom and I made up my mind to strive in your cause, I was suddenly attacked by devils, my skin cringed, but I remained steadfast and absolute in my decision.

I immediately sought refuge in you my Lord, and once the attacks faded, I felt the beginning of a new era.

I will not fear evil, for evil has no merit.

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Ahmad Wehbe: Author of Books, Developer of Games