Created a MusicBox Tool For Enduring Dreamers™: Freya


These are development notes for May, 2022.

This month was very slow, I don’t know if I had caught something, but I felt sleepy all the time.

I worked almost daily on the game, and only took brakes to work for an hour or two on my other projects, update my website, post on my socials, etc. Yet it felt like progress was really slow.

During the first week of May I refined the previous tools and fixed some bugs that had popped up. It felt great to have had polished some of these tools to a finished state.

After that I took a couple of days off only to research stuff, for example, after three days of searching and researching about tools for making music in the Godot Game Engine, I discovered none of them offered the basic solution I was looking for.

I simply want to make music for the game directly inside the Godot Engine using SoundFont2 technology, but I guess I was asking for too much. According to the roadmap I have setup (https://localhost/oldsite/enduring-dreamers/freya/enduring-dreamers-freya-development-roadmap/) I am supposed to be working on the music for the game between May and July, so I really had to resolve this issue to move forward.

So I went ahead and created a tool for music–making inside Godot myself!

Although quite primitive in its design and functionality, the tool I built will still offer me enough functionality to create all the music I will be needing for the game.

The reason why I want this functionality is because it will allow me to sync the music to the gameplay. Such as speeding up the music, or slow it down.

Another cool thing about doing it this way is that I could literally create thousands of music tracks without affecting the game’s file size too much.

For example, a thousand music tracks would be around 3000 MB; 3GB of disk storage just for the music!

However, by creating this MusicBox tool, I can have a thousand music tracks in the game and only add somewhere around 30MB of disk storage for the music!

Of course no game has a thousand music tracks, it’s just an exaggerated example! I’m just trying to point out the benefits and possibilities of having such a tool.

Well, that’s all for this devlog. Like I said, it was a slow month, I’m trying to get some rest but I am a workaholic so it’s impossible to lay still in bed without feeling like jumping out of bed and work on something!

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