Website Reconstruction


Website Reconstruction

Rebuilt my website from scratch after accidently deleting my website’s database.

I originally didn’t want to have a shop on my website because I would be selling my art on Fine Art America and my books on Amazon through KDP.

And I would use this website just to categorize my projects, create fancy landing pages for each book etc.

I wanted the website to have different sections for each type of category, for example books would be its own section with its own theme, colors etc, and my art would all live in their own section with their own theme, style and colors.

So my old website was basically 5 different WordPress installations… it was a mess to keep track of all the logins and even worse was keeping each installation updated!

Fast forward to June 2020. That’s when I decided that I actually do need a store where I can sell merch that aren’t available on Fine Art America, such as hoodies, t-shirts, beanie bags!?

I designed a hoodie, created yet another WordPress site, built it up and was almost ready to go public.

BUT, I realized I still had some stuff to fix, the Terms and Conditions for example, they were old and didn’t include anything about a merchandise store! What a disaster of a plan that was, or rather the lack of plan.

So I had to stop what I was doing and investigate and research so I could update the Terms and Conditions properly!

I spent the entire month of August just researching laws and contacting people. It’s a crazy mess out there!

Anyhow, I was trying to uninstall a plugin from the main website and thought I was deleting single lines of data in the database, I didn’t realize I was actually deleting entire “folders”, oops!

I wanted to use a backup but decided to simply take this mess as a sign… to only have one WordPress installation!

Plus, deleting everything and starting from scratch would get rid of a whole lot of files and remnants from old deleted posts, pages, and plugins.

So, I decided to reconstruct my entire website from scratch, and it is pretty much almost done after many 20 hour intense and sleepless workdays. I might redesign some parts completely over time, but I am happy with how things are right now and will be focusing on creating more content instead!

Peace & GOD bless!

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