1 Month Until Release Date for Enduring Dreamers™: Freya… Maybe?


There is a lot of work left, so much so that it feels never ending! I am crunching on one problem at a time at a steady pace, so I am hopeful!

However, there is another problem that is out of my control, and that is the fact that the amount of wishlists are not at a point where launching a game makes sense.

If people are not interested in the game yet, then the obvious answer is to keep improving the game until it becomes attractive enough for players to find it interesting and wanting to play the game.

So, with that said, even if I manage to finish the development of the game, I might actually delay it anyways, just for the fact that there’s currently not enough interest in the game!

I have genuinely tried everything I can to market the game (to the extent of what is humanly possible as a solo game developer), however, despite that effort the game has simply not found any traction on social media, or anywhere on the Internet to be honest.

It is mostly other game developers who have expressed their fascination with the game, and some publishers and strange scam

But I remain hopeful.

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