Major Update to Website— Has Been Updated

The website’s previous dark theme has been removed in favor of a more neutral style.

HÖGANÄS, SWEDEN—December 30, 2022— is now lighter and feels lighter which should make easier to navigate and find information much easier.

The stylized look of darker color themes has been restricted to game pages and game posts, this makes it more flexible to create a unique browsing experience that matches the color theme of each game’s franchise—without bogging down the rest of the website, such as blog posts, tutorials and other non-game related content with a hard to read color palette.

The shop and many other functionalities have also been removed, such as comments, forums and newsletters for the sake of moving all discussion to our customers favorite social media platforms instead.


You may download these media files and publish them digitally or in print if you are part of the press and need the media files for an article you’re writing. (USE THE FOLLOWING ATTRIBUTION LINE: © Ahmad Wehbe,

About Ahmad Wehbe

Author Ahmad Wehbe is a creative artist whose goal is to create characters, worlds and experiences that inspires, fascinates and leads people towards growth—be it a novel, a painting or a video-game—pursuing the idea to manifest it fully rather than bending the idea to satisfy the masses. Some of his works are the art project Emotionalism consisting of 51 abstract paintings, the short story The Man Who Lost His Sun Twice, and most recently the upcoming video game Enduring Dreamers: Freya™. To learn more please visit

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