I want my customers to feel respected and valued. To make this a reality some industry practices have to be sacrificed for the benefit of the customer. Sadly this means less revenue and control for me but I believe it is the right thing to do.


Digital products bought directly from my website are DRM-free. This means once you download the file you’ll be able to have access to it without being forced to be connected to the Internet or deal with any sort of product keys, passwords or any other forms of DRM. This means you will be able to copy and use an eBook on all of your devices without having to purchase the same product multiple times on each device. However, if, for example a video game has certain online functionality, such as online play, then you would need to be connected to the Internet to access that part of the video game.


I am against the idea of brands getting involved with communities and influencing social development. Instead I prefer giving customers the freedom to form their own communities with like-minded people. This allows the development of multiple awesome communities without the risk of anyone feeling unwelcomed when enjoying my products. With all this said, I, nor my products, represent any one community, and likewise, no community represents me or my products.

Content Rating

I use my own content rating system based on the actual content itself and not on age (currently under development). I believe it is up to each individual to decide for themselves what content they want to consume.

Content Sharing

Some digital products come with a unique and generous end user license agreement (EULA) which allows the customer to share the product with family and friends – within certain limits of course. However, this only applies to purchases made directly from localhost/oldsite and not for purchases made on third-party marketplaces.

Ahmad Wehbe: Author of Books, Developer of Games